FOSS, Fediverse and Humane tech advocate exploring ProtoActor Go

Hi There,

I am happy to see you have started this Discourse forum, which is great software. Happy too to be one of the first members to join :slight_smile:

I’ll briefly introduce myself. I am Arnold Schrijver, a techie for some time, and initiator / facilitator of Humane Tech Community. We investigate solutions that improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society and fight the harms of technology that are getting ever more visible in society. We came forth from the Center for Humane Technology by Tristan Harris (known from The Social Dilemma), but are wholly independent now.

Seeking to implement humane tech I am passionate about the Fediverse, the federated network of diverse apps & platforms that interoperate based on open standards. With 5 million users already and growing we are on a quest to “reimagine social networking”. As such I am moderator of SocialHub community of technologists, driving innovation. I set up the Fediverse Futures section for this purpose.

Interestingly the open standards of the Fediverse, ActivityPub and ActivityStreams, are actor-based in nature.

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