Install on Linux


I’m trying to get installed but have hit a roadblock.
Following the clues on GitHub - AsynkronIT/protoactor-go: Proto Actor - Ultra fast distributed actors for Go, C# and Java/Kotlin under “Building” … I get this:

jon@arch:~/go/src/proto$ go get
go get: installing executables with ‘go get’ in module mode is deprecated.
Use ‘go install pkg@version’ instead.
For more information, see Deprecation of 'go get' for installing executables - The Go Programming Language
or run ‘go help get’ or ‘go help install’.

the next step says:

cd $GOPATH/src/

but it seems I have this directory:
I went to that directory anyway and did make and it took very little time
$ make
go build ./…

I’m a little lost - I’m learning go and don’t have a good handle on all the go get magic yet.